Ear-Acupuncture-6001463One of the biggest challenges in accessing the mind in order to teach someone new to recovery is the physical toxicity they begin recovery with.

The effect of toxins like narcotics, alcohol and tobacco have on a persons mind is that their very presence in the body causes unstable brain chemistry. Healthy brain chemistry is essential for people to be able to think logically and so beginning recovery with a powerful detoxification regime is essential to the success of any recovery programme.

Acudetox is short for Acupuncture Detoxification, which is simply auricular (of or pertaining to the outer ear) acupuncture.   Five sterilised acupuncture needles are placed on certain points in the ear which facilitates a process of detoxification in the body by stimulating electrical pathways in the ear.  The process is relatively painless but extremely powerful. Imagine dust that sticks to a television set. The dust sticks to the screen because the television is positively charged and the dust is negatively charged. To remove the dust we have two options.  Wipe itreverse the pol off or change the polarity of either the dust or the polarity the television.

When it comes to electrical charges, opposites attract.  Change the polarity of the two objects and they will repel.

Auricular detoxification works in the same way by placing a sterile stainless steel needle in an electrical pathway connected to the toxic organs. The metal needle changes the organ’s polarity and toxins are thus released resulting in healthy brain chemistry and the return of sane thinking.