Working the programme creates a recovery foundation within the addict

For any addict, the idea of total abstinence is a frightening thought.  The chemicals have created a misguided neurological pathway which tells the addict that their addiction is their “friend”.  Any thoughts, statements and ideas to the contrary are perceived as destructive to the addict and the way of life the he or she knows.  The idea that the addict is going to lose their “best friend” is often unbearably frightening, a fear covered up very often by the addict’s desire to be liked by everyone.  They are torn between two conflicting perceived realities. One that they need chemicals to survive and two that the chemicals are destroying their lives. This conflict damages both the addict and the people closest to them.

The first phase of the programme is designed around cementing the recovery foundations, clearing any fallacy that there is a quick fix solution to addiction and that life will go back to normal.  Recovery from the disease of addiction can never be about going back.  Recovery is about creating a new future for the addict and this new future has to be strongly rooted in both reality and knowledge.